August 1, 2017


When was the last time you ate out at a nice restaurant, and thought to yourself, "oh no, where's my source of protein?" If you're thinking like this, you should be asking yourself where's your FIBRE, not protein! One of my reasons being is to make sure you get rid of all that delicious crap you're about to consume. :)

I love eating out, it's great for the mind. You socialise, you (most of the time) get a excellent meal cooked for you and you don't have to do the big cleanup. 



If you look at the government’s recommended “FOOD PLATE” as a nutritional guide you can see how it's recently changed, it has finally been updated from Meat & Fish to now just PROTEIN.

With information so much easier to access via the internet, people are becoming more educated on how the whole protein system works. You don’t have to be a dietician to now realise that you DON’T need meat or fish for a good source of protein. Protein is very important, but so is Fibre, Carbohydrates and Fats. Everybody still trapped in the old school bodybuilding game are protein mad! Protein shakes, protein bars, protein sweets, protein bread! Its become such a “sellout” product, when all you need to do for a great source of protein is visit your local supermarket and walk straight to the Veg aisle. Theres no cons, there’s no head scratching ingredients, its simple - whatever it says its is, IT IS! One single ingredient. Vegetables are not just a great source of protein they are what us as humans make us the best we can possibly be.



"We are Biological Machines, our oil is WATER and our fuel is FRUITS and VEGETABLES." 



I myself don't eat MEAT or FISH and avoid dairy as much as possible, but I do love a jam scone once in a while.



Getting my protein in my diet doesn't even cross my mind anymore. Once you

realise that the vegetables/seeds/nuts/wholegrains that I'm consuming everyday provides you with everything you basically need to function as a optimal human being, if not better. I train most days and I've never once thought to myself I've lost strength, power, agility due to not eating meat or fish. In fact I've never been so lean, strong and agile  - this isn't to say not consuming meat or fish will get you lean this is purely my opinion. The one thing I can say is since I've gone to the "no meat" I've noticed I'm not in as many food comas, I still get full but the more vegetable choice is so much more less dense so therefore you have that less bloated feeling.







Do you know how many times I've heard this?


Too many. I don't judge, but stop saying it too me :) it's not the meat that you crave - it's the flavour, the spice the herbs. If you've ever have a vegetable curry dish you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Oh, did I not mention it'll have plenty of protein in it. Ok, so I don't have bacon butties no more, but I also don't miss them and can always have homemade jam on toast. Feel me? 




Without going too deep into amino acids, full proteins and your lack of B12, I'll keep it simple... If your opting for the plant based route and your getting enough veg in your meals just make sure your adding your seeds, nuts, legumes (beans, peas etc) and I'm certain you'll be fine to get your whole protein. As for the B12 shout, you don't really have to worry about this until you've been plant based for at least 10 months. The simple solution - a supplement 'vitamin B12' you can buy this online and the dosage you need is 2500mcg per week. 




My Instagram page has plenty of ideas for veggie meals (@traineateducate) I like to keep things simple, use as many whole foods as possible and yes, eat as much as I want.... I never say to clients "give up meat" but once you learn to exchange it or just leave it out it does get pretty easy. And remember, with all your brand new veg in your meals your protein intake will be fine. 




Check out my 'Breakfast blog' for a look into a meatless start to the day jam packed with your essential macros PROTEIN, carbs, fats with plenty of fibre too! I do answer a lot of questions on that same instagram page, so don't be shy.





Keep your eyes peeled for my latest blogs on delicious meatless meals :)














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