January 16, 2018


REGARDLESS  of whether you've just trained or just woke up, BREAKFAST is very important, and this DOESN’T mean the fast lane myth of “morning coffee” this is just nonsense. The same motivation you've triggered to get out of bed is all the caffeine you need from now until at least mid-morning. 



The MOST essential things to start your day. Excuses can be excused for one day NOT everyday. PRIORITISE.  

  • Hydration 

  • Energy 

  • Protein 

  • Fibre 


These four main points will provide you with the BEST start to your day. Guaranteed. NOW there is one more … but this is for the people who haven’t trained or basically haven’t moved, yet. As I said earlier you don't need this “morning coffee” your mind is already AWAKE. Its your BODY that isn't! So technically the 5th one is to MOVE. This can be anything from stretching or making your bed. 

“Get that blood flowing” this is your morning coffee! (more on this in the next blog "morning rituals")



So lets talk breakfast. Most people govern this (“the most important meal of the day”) by the amount time they have. As I said earlier as long as your prepared you have no excuse to not have breakfast. A liquid smoothie full of fantastic Fruit and Veg just doesn't cut it for me, although this would be a fantastic bonus to provide a lot of your micro nutrients and to keep your hydration on point, a solid breakfast is what is needed. 

Overnight oats (oats made the night before) or oats made in the morning is a fantastic choice, it's a great carbohydrate, high in fibre and a good source of protein. Personally I use milk alternatives, NOT dairy. You have a lot more options than you think if you take your time to look. Try a few - its purely preference in taste. But remember to avoid added sugars or sweeteners. Opt for natural flavours natural sugars. My choice at present - brown rice milk. (Rude Health)



My top bonus ingredients:


  • Coconut flakes (simmer with the oats)

  • Seeds & nuts (opt for Milled): flax/pumpkin/Brazil/chia/sunflower/walnuts)

  • Fruit (frozen berries/apples/raisins/sliced banana etc)  

  • Cinnamon (half a teaspoon)


This is one excellent meal to start the day (energy/fibre/protein & goodness) plus it'll make you thirsty to drink more water too!




Check out my 'Morning rituals' blog for a look into what I do pre-breakfast to wake up, feel more alert get ready for this nutritious breakfast :) 




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