Morning Rituals

July 21, 2017



Firstly, NOBODY is a Morning person...









The people who say they are - have been up and awake before the 'non-morning' person, and that's the difference.



In our day to day life, it's rare we get up in the morning and immediately feel like we've been showered, a full make over with our breath smelling like heaven. Let's face it, this doesn't happen.



If you're a 'train of a morning' type of person, well then, give yourself a pat on the back, I only actually manage this twice a week. This article doesn't necessarily apply to you, but just make sure refulleing right and staying hydrated. 



If you're one of the many who doesn't have much time in the morning - MAKE TIME. Getting up for 6? Set your alarm for 5:20, allow your body to process the feeling of getting up especially if you struggle. I've never been the guy who's alarm goes off and I've immediately got to jump out of bed, get dressed in the dark and leave with tooth paste on my face. I like to stretch out, click my knuckles, roll over and check my new follower on Instagram. You're already starting the ritual, and you haven't even done anything, just woke up slightly earlier. 


Your initial first few choices when getting out of bed is how you'll determine how your day begins..



An obvious trip to the toilet is just the norm, and when washing my hands I'll splash my face regardless of the cold water. 



Before I do anything such as eat, move about, even talk, I will drink 1 pint of water, and then refill, if I'm going to train I'll drink 2 and then train. I think it's one of the most important things, to re-hydrate yourself after 7-8 hours with no water. My eyes are barely open, I'm stiff, and the living in the U.K. no matter the time of year, I'm cold.



The next thing is to MOVE. Find some space and something comfortable to sit on e.g. yoga mat or carpet will do. 


Moving - this is your morning caffeine boost. 


Moving really does wake you up, getting the blood to flow not matter what you choose to do gets you warm and makes you more alert. It's basically a less intense version of a warm-up. Adding a few gentle stretches into your morning routine will not only warm you up but it's going to help your mobility at the same time. Do each one for a minute (4mins), and if you have more time go around twice. Remember to relax into the the stretch and don't forget to breathe!


My recommendations I often use;


- hip openers (double pigeon)


- stretch your shoulders (hand to hand behind your back)


- pulse your legs (forward fold, bent knees, pulse legs)


- back bends (gentle) (half bridge)



There is plenty more to choose from, these are just generally big movements within the human body that I would personally recommend. Even when it comes to boiling the kettle, the times it takes to boil, you could be standing in a stretching position this is a great tip knowing you're not just standing there all zombie-like and as a fidget I always think what can I do in my current situation to improve myself. You'll find throughout your day there will be times when you can do something to improve something on your body i.e. posture, if you're in a cue instead of standing like you've just lost your dog, stand tall, stand confident and smile. Doing small things like this everyday will improve your body without even realising you're doing it. 


After completing your stretching -  you'll feel alert, warm, hungry and nice and elastic, now refresh your palette with another pint of water and begin breakfast...




Check out my 'Breakfast blog' for a nutritious start to the day :)











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