Gloomy days, Cold's and Flu's

January 5, 2018

"Don't try and run before you can walk" 




You’ve probably heard this term over and over throughout your life, and it could be regarding anything, especially starting something new. 




When new clients or a person asks me about nutrition and how do I do this, that and the other? I tell them to politely to shush. Not in a ignorant way, because you can see it in their eyes they have a answer for everything and they already want to get to the finish line. Be super healthy, super fit, and to stop eating all the crap in the world. This will NOT happen. Even when I used to be very disciplined, going cold turkey does NOT work! You think of any excuse in the world for you not to eat that cheesecake but nothing is more powerful than “just one bite” because you’ve already made your mind up, you’re going to eat it all.




 I believe most people have or are still living the ‘student lifestyle’ let’s call it. I once done it, and yes it was FUN to say the least. Binge eating, drinking, late nights and days in bed. Although I was still eating healthy (assuming) throughout the week, training hard and staying in shape, the weekend would arrive and I was looking forward to ‘party time’ and them cheesy chips on the way home. 


Poison X Poison. Madness!


Crazy to think every weekend, this was life. As I’ve said so many times in other blogs too, it’s great to socialise but there comes a point when you must think to yourself “is it worth it?” You can socialise is so many different ways and avoid hangovers, binge eating and a inactive lifestyle.   


Right now, I’m only ever disciplined or strict say, on very few occasions throughout the year. This is mostly the occasions we celebrate, and this doesn’t mean I say to myself “nooo you can’t have that cake, be disciplined” of course I’m going to have that cake or that beer. What I mean is you really don’t have to go through 12 different cocktails, 4 cakes and 3 tubs of ice cream.

As you get older, you’ll realise that celebrations all of a sudden start earlier in the day and go on until your body gives up, then crave food and you’ll still wake up before 8am, very unrested. The earlier your celebration begins the earlier the process of indulging. Which is understandable, but add this half a day to the hangover the following day this could end up being nearly two days of utter garbage. And what you also realise, is the hangovers definitely get worse as you get older so it can last up to a 3 day binge. I’m fully aware that people go out to enjoy themselves and it’s great to socialise, as I’ve said before it keeps the mind healthy. But I promise you it’s not worth 3 days of consuming the zero nutritional value tongue teasers, which provides no protection for the immune system, is likely to give you teenage spots and probably make you feel worse. :)



The morning after will be vital to fast track to optimal state again. HYDRATION, MICROS and FRESH AIR are my top tips for that doom and gloom hangover. A smoothie packed with large quantities of vitamins and minerals, basically plenty of fruit and veg. I won’t make a Smoothie that’s going to make me feel even more ill, I’ll make a delicious one that I’ll enjoy, I do not see the point in making a smoothie that you have to hold your nose to drink, and making sure it has enough water, fruit and veg in. Recently I’ve come across a ‘cool guy’ trend with people drinking & posting their ‘juices’ and it’s probably so they can prove to the world they are cool drinking their healthy juice. BUT, HIGH FIVE, this is a cool trend I like. The only difference is, juices are cheaper than smoothies and the simple reason is, is the the fact you get way more goodness in a smoothie than a juice! So next time you’re thinking I’ll get a juice in to be cool, opt for a smoothie instead! :)



Next step, I would be thinking, a nice brisk walk in that fresh air, if it’s raining wear a coat and if it’s cold, jog! Focus on the blood flowing and the oxygen to spreading around the body. 

Have you ever noticed how fast caffeine can kick in when you're moving? It'll be the same principal for getting that goodness around your body. MOVE.



By doing this you’ve already began your “small steps” without even realising it. This shows discipline, and maturity. How may times do your see post saying,


“hangover free!”


“fresh Sundays”


And you hate these people, down to the fact you're jealous of not feeling the way you want too! But do you know whats worse?


“dead in bed”


“I'll be ya bestie if you bring me a takeaway” 


The last thing your body needs is more poison. Don’t be that person. 



Small steps .. you’re on a role you’ve done your walk, you’ve drank that goodness and you’re staying overly hydrated. This same discipline is what you need for your weekly decisions but they get easier, there’s no hangover! Therefore, to swap mayonnaise as your spread to hummus, it’s a small step, but a huge difference. 




In every meal you have, just ask yourself “is there a better choice?” Are you getting enough Veg? 


Too many people think, 'lean individuals' just eat salads. I don’t think I’ve had a salad for 2 years. I personally think they are one of the most boring meals ever. Salads are great for you, and can have a fantastic nutritional value but the point I’m making is, if you feel like something is a chore you wont enjoy it and happily give it up. Once you realise there are better choices out there you will notice a difference. The way you cook food, the way your taste buds are, the way you feel and as a bonus … THE WAY YOU LOOK.




Enjoy my other blogs on little habits you can change everyday to make some more small steps :)





Don't forget if you try it, don't be shy to tag us in your posts either, @traineateducate (instagram) we'd love to see them! 












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